Michael Capponi

Michael Capponi is a distinguished businessman and champion of humanitarian causes. Once hailed by Page Six as “The Godfather of Miami Nightlife,” Michael made a name for himself by the age of 19. He created such unique entertainment that it helped spawn the revitalization of South Beach in the early nineties. He is known as one of the key pioneers that put Miami Beach on the international jet set map.

Michael Capponi leveraged this popularity to cultivate prominent connections and open himself up to more diverse business opportunities. As a result, Michael shifted his focus away from developing the entertainment landscape of South Beach to the acquisition and expansion of real estate.

In 2004, Michael Capponi partnered with a prominent architect and developer to create Ten Museum Park, a 50-story residential building in downtown Miami. This project attracted so much interest that 95 percent of its 200 units were sold within its first week-and-a-half on the market. Upon seeing such great success, Michael took the plunge and founded his development firm, Capponi Group.

Due to Michael’s entrepreneurial acumen and keen eye for opportunity, Capponi Group continued to thrive, tackling high-profile projects such as Miami’s tallest luxury penthouse, Akoya Penthouse; the renovation of the North Bay Road Mega Mansion, Casa de Suenos; the renovation of Miami Executive Aviation; the $32 million renovation of the former Kmart founder,  Kresge’s estate, purchased by engineering tycoon, William H. Dean. This was the most expensive residential renovation project in Miami Beach history.

Michael Capponi and Capponi Group have received some accolades, including the Development and Builders Alliance  Renovation Firm of the Year Award in 2008. Furthermore, Michael and his development company, Capponi Properties have broken many sales records in South Florida.

Currently, Michael Capponi is splitting his time between his real estate ventures and his humanitarian efforts, which have been near and dear to his heart since his return to South Beach in 1998. He has donated tens of thousands of hours of his time to disaster relief initiatives around the globe, mostly by gathering supplies and organizing fundraisers for families of victims and survivors. He played an instrumental role in providing relief after tragedies like 9/11, Hurricane Charley, and Hurricane Katrina.

Michael Capponi also founded Haiti Empowerment Mission following the January 12, 2010 earthquake, making over 80 trips to the island to establish temporary tent communities, revitalize the historic town of Jacmel, and relocate survivors to more permanent homes and placing over 50 children in private schools and colleges. He later renamed the foundation, Global Empowerment Mission (GEM) to better serve its international expansion and outreach. Since then, he and his team have assisted in over 200 mission trips around the globe. He calls his 80+ trips to Haiti his MBA in humanitarian studies. Today, Gem is a Gold Rated charity by Guidestar. The board consists of a wide variety of entrepreneurs and celebrities.

Sol Group Global Corp. is the parent holding company for Sol Group Bahamas inc., Luna Beach Bahamas inc. and Capponi Shear Management llc. The entity is also a shareholder and board member at InList inc. and Impact Week LLC. These integrated companies span from sustainable development and tech to hospitality, wellness and entertainment.

Michael Capponi is the President and CEO and also founded Global Empowerment Mission where he serves as an executive board member.